When life gives you melons, you’re dyslexic.

There is too much going on in our busy lives and sometimes we need a break. Humor has always been around for as long as history exists. In fact it has been proven that apes, and chimps laugh, which should indicate that perhaps humor has probably been around a lot longer than people. It helps us cope with the daily stresses of life and enhances our physical well-being in general. Think of the funniest joke you’ve heard or the time you laughed the most. Your belly, muscles and lungs all got a workout with that laugh. Seneca identified humor to be a vital element of serenity.

Laughing is really like medicine and helps us feel physically, emotionally, and mentally a bit younger than what we are.Growing up I found great pleasure in being silly and making others laugh. Always enjoyed being the class clown. Maybe the teachers did not appreciate it as much as my classmates did but sparingly I managed to get a smile out of even the most strict ones. In high school I rode a bus from home to school for fifty or more minutes each way for three years and I recall trying to be funny for everyone’s enjoyment. Making up funny songs to sing along with the radio playing. Fake fart noises… you get the idea.

Years later I found out that I had left a bit of a legacy with the bus drivers as when my younger siblings reached high school and had to take the same bus route they were told stories about their silly brother and even then brought some extra smiles for the long ride.

Corny humor is universal. Bad jokes are linked to middle aged men who have children. It would be hard to pinpoint exactly who came up with the phrase we all know today “Dad Jokes“. A look at Google Trends (a tool that shows how topics, and phrases trend around the world), shows that at some point between 2013 and 2014 the term just took off.

When did dad jokes start trending

What I have learned is this. When you become a father your joke skills enhance and you have the ability to entertain little souls that gravitate around you and take in information like a sponge takes in water. You see maybe you have always had knowledge of a “dad joke”, but never had the right audience for it. The stakes are very high when it comes to joke-telling. There is an art in the dad joke telling. It’s like flipping the entire joke world upside down. What should not be funny becomes really funny.

A joke delivery can be so bad that suddenly it becomes funny for that reason. The dad joke is built around the foundation of puns. Things that should not be funny to others suddenly become hilarious to you. I must note however that It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally…

“Oh my goodness! Did you hear the kidnapping at the school today? It’s ok now, he woke up.”

You love sharing that with your children and any other kids around. It’s kind of like a superpower. Kids will ask for more. They will laugh out loud and repeat the punchline over and over again. It’s such a joyful feeling to have.

When you try to dissect why a joke is funny it takes all the humor out of it. – Humor researchers

Physical humor is also included in all this. You can write or say a good joke but sometimes the delivery is all in your appearance, reaction, timing. Who didn’t have someone growing up that did the good old “I got your nose” joke? it’s priceless  and lives on for ages.

So without any further ado I ask you to read, share laugh with this repository or is it a depository? you know what I mean… A collection of jokes & humor lists feel free to comment or add some of your own as well. Educate yourself, practice and when you go home tonight to you kids nourish them with comedy gold. Forget about the issues for a few minutes and bring a smile to anyone you can.

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